Scripting with Haskell by Christopher McKay (@errorific)

Scripting with Haskell

By Christopher McKay (@errorific)

After you've gone and done that haskell beginners course and learned to think functionally you go to work with giant ideas of writing perfect functional code and building a better world. Then the suit from accounting turns up and needs a script to put a csv in a database and they need it right now, so you betray your bright new ideas and reach for ruby/perl/python/bash/go to do it fast because you know how to do such things in that language fast.

In this talk we'll be doing a code review of some simple haskell scripts that do common scripty tasks like taking input, reading things, printing things, calling webservices, reading csvs, and querying databases. Armed with these examples you should be prepared to introduce haskell to your workplace via dodgy scripts.