Escaping Cabal Hell with Nix by Steven Shaw (@steshaw)

Escaping Cabal Hell with Nix

By Steven Shaw (@steshaw)

First, we'll introduce Nix, a purely functional package system, and highlight its advantages over widespread systems such as APT.

Next, we'll gain some familiariarity with the Nix commands. Learn how to: search for, install, upgrade and remove packages.

Finally, we'll learn how beat Cabal hell and accelerate your Haskell development with Nix. We'll set up Nix for Haskell development. Configure Nix environments containing all your favourite Haskell development tools. Most importantly, pull in library dependencies without recompiling all of hackage. Discover that there's no need to decide between per-project and shared sandboxes — you get to have your cake and eat it too!