Open Data and Rapid App Development with Haskell by Fraser Tweedale

Open Data and Rapid App Development with Haskell

By Fraser Tweedale

Learn what happened when BFPG took on the GovHack open data competition. Ben, Sean and Fraser entered the GovHack 2014 open data competition to see what they could build in a weekend using Haskell. Brisbane Park Finder - a site for searching for parks in Brisbane based on location and facilities - was born.

This presentation will:

  • Explain why we are passionate about Haskell, types and functional programming.

  • Discuss some implementation details of Brisbane Park Finder including import of the datasets, and request processing and markup generation via the Snap web framework. Useful features of Snap and some other libraries will be discussed. No prior Haskell or functional programming knowledge required.

  • Discuss how we benefited from using Haskell and strong types during the competition, and identify the pain points and places where type safety was not accomplished, along with the reasons why.

  • Outline in brief the state of platform support and options for deploying Haskell applications.

  • Encourage people to come on board for GovHack 2015!

Video below is of the talk at OSDC